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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Can the insurance company tell me where to take my car for repairs?
A.   No. The decision by law is the customer's.
Q.  Do I need 3 estimates?
A.   No. The insurance company will work with the reapir shop of your choice.
Q.  What if the insurance company gives me a check for repairs? Do I need to find a shop to do the rapairs for that amount?
A.   No. We can contact and work with the responsible insurance company if we find any hidden damage or related repairs that may have been missed on the first inspection.  
Q.  What if the insurance company is not responding to me quickly enough?
A.  Just call us and we can usually speed up the process if you're ready to have the repairs done.
Q.  What if I need a rental car? Who pays for it?
A.  The at-fault insurance company is responsible for the cost of the rental car. We can help with all the rental arrangements.
Q.  What is the best procedure for me to get quality repairs and quickly get my vehicle back on the road?
A.  Ask your mechanic, your neighbor and a relative to recommend a good repair shop. Ask anyone that isn't paying for the claim.
Q.  I do not believe I was at fault in the auto accident. Should I use my own collision policy or try to collect from the other party?
A.  A lot of insurance companies will deny a claim even when their insured is at fault. If you have one of the better insurance companies, they will help you out and take care of the claim and then subrogate back to the other insurance company to get your deductible and other money back.
Q.  I am sure that the other driver was at fault, but no one has made any effort to see to the repairs of my automobile. What can I do?
A.  Unfortunately, there are insurance companies out there that even though their party is at fault and received the ticket, they will deny the claim if you have a deductible similar to the cost of the repairs or if you only have liability insurance because they know you would have to hire an attorney to collect from them and they hope you go away. If you have full coverage, you can call your own insurance carrier and have them take care of repairs.
Q.  Do I have to take my vehicle to a drive-in claims service?
A.   If your car is drivable, safe and legal, you can drive to that claims center for their estimate. Sometimes, the insurance company has made arrangements with other body shops to write estimates for them. REMEMBER: This is an estimate only. You can take your car, truck or SUV to the repair shop of your choice! They will start with the original estimate you were given and anything that was overlooked or found after repairs are started will be added as a supplement to the original estimate.
Q.  If I go to a drive-in claims service, do I have to take the car to its preferred shop?
A.   No. Take your vehicle to a repair facility that you feel comfortable with that will repair your vehicle properly. Protect your investment! Beware of deceiving word tract.
Q.  I am having a problem with the insurance company. Can the state insurance commissioner's office help me?
A.   Yes, they can. You must have good notes and names recorded so they can help you. Record all deceiving word tract you feel the insurance company has used and anything else you feel is proof of your complaint.
Q.  Can the insurance company and the service shop make an adjustment and start repair on the automobile without the consent of the owner?
A.  No. They cannot make any adjustments without the owner's consent, although there are some insurance companies that are trying to take your freedom of choice away and take it to a repair shop that is working for their best interests. There are some insurance companies trying to sell insurance policies that are taking your choices away! These policies are stating, for example, if you are on the interstate and are in an accident, your insurance carrier would have your vehicle towed to a shop that is working for them, NOT YOU. You may get your vehicle back faster, BUT you could lose a lot of value in your investment.
Q.  Who is responsible to the repair shop for my repair bill, the insurance company or me?
A.  The vehicle owner is ultimately responsible for the bill. (A similar instance would be a patient in a hospital.) You should have a check for the orignial estimate and any supplemental estimates before you pick up your vehicle. The vehicle owner and the repair shop need to communicate with the insurance company to ensure payment is received so the repair shop can release the vehicle to you.
Q.  Who is responsible for the safety, workmanship and guarantee of my automobile repairs, the insurance company or the repair shop?
A.   It is always the repair shop's responsibility to make sure your vehicle is properly repaired. With or without a warranty, it is ultimately the repair shop's responsibility. Therefore, you should make sure the repair shop you choose to repair your vehicle is working in your best interest not someone else's.
Q.  When do I have to file an accident report?
A.   If someone is injured or killed, or someone has over $1000 in damage, then all drivers involved are required to file a Driver's Motor Vehicle Accident Report with our office within 10 days of the accident.
Q.  Where do I get a Driver's Motor Accident Report?
A.   You can get a Driver's Motor Accident Report from the office that investigated your accident, the police or sheriff's department or your insurance agent.  
Q.  Can I get a copy of the other driver's report?
A.   No. All driver's reports are confidential by law.
Q.  Can the Highway Safety Office suspend a person's driver's license because of an accident?
A.   Only the Department of Motor Vehicles can suspend a person's driver's license.
Q.  What are the biggest differences between original vs. after-market parts?
A.   Original parts conform to the standards set by the vehicle manufacturer in terms of fit, quality and appearance. After-market parts will look similar but on average are not as durable as the originals. There are some issues with the fit as well. The upside being that they are cheaper parts relative to original. As an example, it's akin to buying a pair of running shoes from "Nike" vs "Wike."

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